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Sticker Activity Sheet - 12 constellations

Sticker Activity Sheet - 12 constellations

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Sticker Activity Sheet - 12 constellations for Sticker Skills. Montessori Inspired PreK and Preschool Age Activity for Homeschool and Classroom.

I created a sheet of stickers with 12 constellations, using 15mm stickers for stars of 2nd magnitude and higher, and 8mm stickers for the rest.
I did the night sky in gray to represent the night sky. I also created a white background pattern to reduce ink costs.
Children will be happy if you start with your own constellation or your family's constellation.
Let your little ones explore the galaxy with this Sticker Activity Sheet featuring 12 constellations. 

Please print in A4 size.
This product is for downloadable content only.
Stickers are not included.

Recommended age: 3 years old and up.
This is a downloadable product in PDF format.

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