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PAKU PAKU Animals - Paper folding activity

PAKU PAKU Animals - Paper folding activity

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This activity involves folding paper by hand. Parts such as hands and ears should be cut with scissors and pasted with glue.

The base square cannot be cut cleanly with scissors, so an adult should prepare it by cutting it with a cutter.

Please print on regular paper with A4 printer settings.
Instructions on how to fold the paper can be found at the bottom of each print.

When finished, please play with them by making their mouths pucker.

This product data is a set product containing 6 files: PAKU-PAKU Dog, PAKU-PAKU Bird, PAKU-PAKU Pig, PAKU-PAKU Rabbit, PAKU-PAKU Tiger, and PAKU-PAKU Crocodile.

Recommended age: 3.5 years old and up.
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Scissors, glue are not included.


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