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Paper Craft - Dice

Paper Craft - Dice

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This is the base paper for making dice. This activity uses scissors, glue and stickers.
The eyes of the dice are made with 8mm black stickers and 15mm red stickers.
If you do not have stickers, paint them with colors.
Once the stickers have been applied, cut them with scissors and glue them together to complete the project.
The dotted folded part should be folded by an adult with a trunser so that it is easy to weave.
If you do not have a trunser, you can simply use the back of a cutter to gently pull the folds.
We have prepared 11 different types of cube developments, so teach your child, "Various patterns of developments become cubes, don't they?
For children who still have difficulty with scissors, just put stickers on it and let an adult cut and assemble it for them.

Please Print on A4 size, slightly thicker drawing paper.
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Stickers and Scissors and glue are not included.

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