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Making faces with vegetables and fruits

Making faces with vegetables and fruits

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Making faces with vegetables and fruits for Scissors and coloring Skills. Montessori Inspired PreK and Preschool Age Activity for Homeschool and Classroom.

While making picture cards of world masterpieces, I was looking at Giuseppe Arcimboldo's paintings after a long time, and I thought, "I wonder if children would enjoy this?" and decided to try making collage art materials in the style of Arcimboldo. The result was quite interesting.

Since detailed creation like that of Arcimboldo is demanding, first select one base face material first so that even a child can do it.
Then, cut small face parts with scissors and glue them on.
Children will get confused if they cannot imagine the finished product, so please have an adult make and decorate a model first.

I decided to use watercolor illustrations for the vegetables and fruits, because using realistic photos would have made me feel uncomfortable. I also adjusted the parts to a size that would fit easily, such as eye parts and nose parts. Please print them on drawing paper and cut thin lines for them.

Please Print on A4 size, slightly thicker drawing paper.
This product is for downloadable content only.
Scissors and glue are not included.

When your child starts, first ask, "Which parts should be the eyes? Which one for the nose? and "Which one for the nose? Teach them the names of the vegetables and fruits at the same time.
Even if the child is not good with scissors, it is okay. Even if it is a little messy, it will be a nice artistic touch.

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