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Mushroom Number Puzzle

Mushroom Number Puzzle

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Mushroom Number Puzzle for Math Matetials Skills. Montessori Inspired PreK and Preschool Age Activity for Homeschool and Classroom.

We have created a puzzle - Mushroom ver. that can be completed by lining up a sequence of numbers.
Since the pictures of the mushrooms are similar, it is difficult for children who cannot read numbers to complete the puzzle using only the pictures.
If you can read the numbers, you can easily complete the puzzle because the numbers are in sequence.

Please print the puzzle on thick A4-size drawing paper.
You can laminate each card for multiple use.

Unleash your inner puzzler with our Number Puzzle - Mushroom ver.! This quirky game combines numbers and mushrooms for a fun and challenging experience. Get ready to exercise your brain and have a blast with this unique twist on puzzle-solving. 

Recommended age: 4.5 years old and up.

This is a downloadable product in PDF format.

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