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Glue Activity - Children's Hairstyle Mount

Glue Activity - Children's Hairstyle Mount

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शिपिंग की गणना चेकआउट के समय की जाती है।

I made a teaching material to create various hairstyles using glue.
Apply glue to the head of a child's picture, and then paste small pieces of shredded origami paper or wool yarn cut into small pieces with scissors onto the glue. You can create a child's face with various hairstyles.
Be sure to have an adult make one sample for the children.

Tearing origami into small pieces with your fingers and cutting wool yarn into small pieces with scissors require finger strength and flexibility.
It is difficult to tear a large piece of origami into small pieces, so it is better to prepare a quarter-size piece of origami or a long, thin piece of origami in the shape of a strip of paper.
The children will start giggling when the hairstyle is almost finished.

PDF files are available in color and monochrome versions.
In the black-and-white version, please feel free to color the face as you like.

This product is a downloadable content only.
Scissors, glue, yarn, origami paper, etc. are not included.

This is a downloadable product in PDF format.
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